Music tastemakers around the world predicted two years ago that the mysterious Nashville-based artist Peter Manos was bound for stardom. The excitement around his music came from just one dark r&b single he quietly released on SoundCloud called “In My Head”. And then there was nothing. No more music seemed to be coming yet listeners continued to rack up the plays on the only track to his name — 50 million streams to be exact.

Fast forward to 2019 and Peter Manos just dropped two new singles. The first, “Out Of Love”, took a more stripped down approach to his effortlessly smooth sound. The acoustic ballad provides a glimpse into the inner monologues one can have when a relationship suddenly comes to an end. The latest single, “You Don’t Know Me”, appears to describe Manos’ feelings at the next stage of emotions while seeking closure. Incorporating soothing percussion again, the track slowly wraps up into a dreamy state.

Is it only a matter time before we’ll get the next piece of the story? Keep up with Peter Manos below. We’re hoping he’s here to stay…

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