Beth Mendes is dark pop at its finest

Beth Mendes Like Me ArtworkNewcomer British artist, Beth Mendes has paved the way for dark pop in her wistful debut single, “Like Me”. The track is stricken with sadness as Beth Mendes reveals her story of heartbreak. Her approach to the topic is different in that it isn’t a song that becomes liberating by the end. Instead, listeners will collide head-on with the honesty and distress found in “Like Me” and the authentic traits found in Beth Mendes herself.

It is evident the track was written not with the intention to sell, but rather with the motive to completely reveal emotions and tell a story in the process. If Beth Mendes continues along the path of authentic songwriting while writing ridiculously catchy melodies, she may very well be on her way to the top of the pop charts in due time. “Like Me” is just a symptom of this anticipated success.

“Why didn’t I see you fall apart? Why didn’t you care much? Why was it so easy to break my heart?” – Beth Mendes, “Like Me”.

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