Boniface: a storyteller in disguise on “Again and Again”

Within a month and a half, Canadian newcomer, Boniface – named after his hometown, Saint Boniface in Winnipeg, has garnered over 52,000 streams on Spotify on his debut single, “I Will Not Return As a Tourist”.

However, he has returned with a B-side titled, “Again and Again”. Boniface is able to vividly tell stories with simple guitar melodies and his cordial vocal tone – he’s straightforward. “Again and Again” is simple but this is what makes it a track that is hard to retreat from.  Each pause between his words is like turning a page in a book. There are points where the next chapter can’t come soon enough. Judging by “I Will Not Return As A Tourist” and now “Again and Again”, Boniface is becoming a master of having listeners hang on every single one of his words. 

In the words of Boniface,

“It’s very quiet and maybe my favourite.”

Listen to the latest track “Again and Again” and descend into the world of Boniface. He will very soon become a household name in music, specifically as a singer-songwriter. 

The release follows a recent run of debut UK / EU shows for Boniface, who played Reeperbahn, By The Sea Festival and two London shows. Listeners in the Toronto, ON area can catch Boniface for free at The Horseshoe Tavern on Tue October 24 2017 as part of the Manitoba Music Export program. 

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