We’re working our way through the Summer and with that comes the constant need to update our summer playlists. Maybe you’re looking for new tracks for that endless road trip playlist or maybe it’s the dockside pop anthems you need in the background of your Snapchats. Whatever the reason is you’re on the hunt for new summer jams, we’ve got you covered.

1. Jaymes Young – Feel Something

“Feel Something” is the title track off of Jaymes Young’s full-length album which just dropped last month. It starts off as a calming synth pop track before breaking into a huge chorus. It is absolutely one to be placed at the top of your summer playlist.

2.🇨🇦 Allie X – Lifted

“Lifted” is one of my favourite tracks off of Allie X’s latest record, CollXtion II. It has unique sounding synths that act as undertones to the track’s haunting verses. What makes the track stand out is how seamlessly and suddenly the track breaks into its chorus that will instantly be stuck in your head.

3. INDIIA, Whitney Phillips – Out of Love

“Out of Love” is the first single INDIIA has released which features Whitney Phillips. INDIIA has set the bar high for themselves as the track has gained over a million streams in less than a month of it being released. Without wasting any time, “Out of Love” hooks listeners in with Whitney Phillips’ strong vocals. This track is perfect for festival, travel, and summer recap videos

4. Wingtip, Delacey – Walls

“Walls” is the second track we’ve heard from Wingtip. Despite Wingtip admitting he wasn’t sure he knew what a pre-chorus was when writing the track, it is certain he has mastered the craft. “Walls” can be played on repeat and you’ll never get sick of it. Wingtip is also absolutely hilarious on social media. If you have the opportunity to see him live, I can only assume you’ll be in for a treat.

5. Oh Wonder – Ultralife

Oh Wonder gained their fame by releasing one song a month for a year. The duo were often described as minimalist pop with the stripped down nature of their tracks – that has changed since the release of singles off of their upcoming album Ultralife. Hope you’re wearing your dancing shoes; “Ultralife” will help you channel your inner backup dancer.