Future Jr.’s “Suburbia Blue” will impact the way you perceive change.

Suburbia Blue” is the first track we’ve heard from one of Australia’s newest artists, Matthew Nainby, also known as Future Jr.. The song is the first cut off of Future Jr.’s upcoming EP, Vacancy. While Future Jr. acknowledges influence from artists like Toro y Moi and Lorde, it’s clear Future Jr. is soon to be a maven himself for other artists.

Future Jr. leaves space within “Suburbia Blue” that allow aural textures to be sprinkled throughout the track. These subtle elements in conjunction with Future Jr.’s compelling vocals make for a powerful listen. Lyrics like “can you see I’m changing?” and “I’m feeling distant” allude to the track’s story about a self realization of a transformation. Matthew Nainby aka Future Jr., provided further depth into the adjustment he experienced after returning home from a trip to Los Angeles.

Nainby explained,

“When I got back, I think I experienced this bizarre form of culture shock. I was surrounded by my peers, who I had grown up with and done life with, and suddenly I found myself on a different life path to them. It felt like this weird twilight zone experience where I could almost feel my world changing; and even if I could do anything about it, I wasn’t sure I really wanted to. The night the song came out, the whole thing really just hit me. I left a party early that night, went back home and wrote Suburbia Blue.”

You can get a visual taste of “Suburbia Blue” in the recently released music video above.

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