I had the opportunity to check out a band called Intergalactix in Toronto at The Drake Hotel’s Underground. The band has been supporting fellow Australian’s Strange Talk on the E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N North American tour. Seeing the right band (ie. Intergalactix) at an intimate venue may possibly be one of my favourite things. It was my first time seeing the band perform and their first time performing in Toronto. Intergalactix is a multi-instrumentalist duo from Los Angeles, originally hailing from Sydney, Australia. Put simply, the band blends nostalgic synths and a vocoder with bass guitar. But trust me, that description doesn’t do it any justice. What’s the result? 80s funk mixed with electro-indie.

The band kicked off their set with a climatic instrumental intro followed by “The New Sound” – a song off of their 2014 EP. The dim setting of The Drake Hotel’s Underground combined with the atmospheric synths present within the song further reiterated the duo’s fascination with space. Despite the need to keep up with multiple instruments at once, Intergalactix continued to engage the crowd. The band shifted from a mellow “The New Sound” to a more powerful “If We Stepped On Mars” shortly after. The duo followed the first three songs by a call and response drum-off over synth melodies. One began by playing fills on a sample pad while the other followed and repeated the same beat on a floor tom.

Many bands may include a modern day pop cover as part of their set – Intergalactix took a different approach. The band kept the 80s feel going by covering one of Tears For Fears’ most well-known songs, “Shout”. Not only did Intergalactix cover the song but they took it and reworked it to suit their style. Their cover of “Shout” was easily one of the most well-executed covers I have heard.

If the Tears For Fears cover wasn’t enough to get the crowd moving, the next few songs that followed including “Tuesday” shifted attendees from their seats to the middle of the dance floor. If there’s a song that gives people the confidence to dance like nobody is watching, it appeared to be “Tuesday”. This was the point in the set that the band’s contagious energy finally transfused through to the audience.

The band’s early material along with tracks from their upcoming EP seemed to be greatly enjoyed by those in attendance. Perhaps it was Attard’s anecdotes about “Right Next Door” and “Something to Say” that made audience members feel even more comfortable due to his transparency. Either way, the first single off of their new EP, “Something To Say”, had almost everyone in the room either bobbing their head or dancing up-close to the stage. Although I thought the band would finish with “Something To Say”, Intergalactix closed their set with a track called 1995. I’ve been searching high and low for the song ever since I left the venue.

To date, Intergalactix’s set at The Drake was one of the most memorable shows due to its intimacy and uniqueness. The variety of instruments used and sounds heard was like no other. Anyone who gets to catch the guys on the remaining  dates of their tour with Strange Talk is in for an evening of time travel and space travel. You have been warned.


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If you don’t get the chance to check out the band on tour, you can listen to and purchase their music on BandCamp.

Intergalactix – The Drake: November 6, 2015 Set List:


The New Sound

The Now

If We Stepped On Mars


Shout (Cover) – Tears For Fears

Interlude 2

All I Got To Say


Right Next Door

Something To Say


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