You’ve experienced this feeling before — the excitement and anticipation of waiting for an artist to release new music. Maybe you’ve come across a demo that leaked online that made you want to hear just 5 more seconds. Or, maybe it’s the single off of your favourite artist’s next album that you’ve been itching to hear.

But, when there’s no leaked demo or previously recorded material to base excitement off of, the live show becomes the perfect breeding ground for building a fan base. This is exactly my experience with Burlington, Ontario’s Adelaide.

The alt-rock band has been playing shows relentlessly the past few months and I was lucky enough to be at a couple of them. At each show, Adelaide performed songs they have written but had not yet released nor recorded. I remember listening to their set and singing along by the time the chorus was sung the second time around. Since then, I have been anxiously awaiting the release of their first single. The day is here and Adelaide has released their debut track, “Can’t Lose”.

The band’s guitarist and vocalist, Dan Taylor, provided some insight into the track’s meaning:

“It’s really a story about the girl I long to meet, how it feels to have her, and the story of who I need to be for her to find me.”

This message is reinforced throughout the entire track through its honest lyrics. At it’s core, “Can’t Lose” is evidently a love song; however, its narrative takes a slightly different path which allows this ballad to tiptoe around any sort of cliché elements. It’s a story we all know far too well but rarely have the confidence to express.

“Can’t Lose” may be a significant indication that Adelaide is here to write and release music that will address common emotions in a manner we often don’t — out loud. If this is the case, Adelaide will continue to organically grow a very, very loyal and dedicated fanbase.

Adelaide is:
Dan Taylor – Guitar/Vocals
Ben Rudy – Lead Guitar/Vocals
Adam Peters – Bass Guitar
Matt Reynolds – Drums

Adelaide |  Facebook | Instagram.