Meet Jasmine Thompson — an 18 year old Londoner who is anything but new to songwriting. Her story begins at the young age of 13 when she was discovered through her YouTube channel; an account filled with covers that catapulted her name into the spotlight. After inking a deal with Atlantic Records and collaborating with numerous music industry names since 2015, Jasmine Thompson has released an exciting new single herself titled “Loyal” — a collaboration between herself and renowned producer Eg White who is known for his work with Dua Lipa, Adele, and Florence + the Machine just to name a few.

“Loyal” is a smoldering, brass-driven track dominated by Jasmine Thompson’s powerful, cinematic, and timeless voice. The track is seemingly a nod to the smoky jazz music found in the roaring twenties; some moments appear to contain the sounds of a piano pedal being released.

Singing about trust issues within a previous relationship, Jasmine Thompson’s voice will hypnotize listeners — instantly transporting them into a hazy, vulnerable state of self-reflection. When reflecting on her previous relationship, she stated, “We didn’t trust each other…and as it turned out, we both had good reason.”

With such a harmonious return by Jasmine Thompson, she is continuing to demonstrate that her caliber of vocal abilities could be the new standard for generations to come.

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