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About the Artists

Meet Jon Vinyl — the 21-year-old artist from Toronto whose sound falls “into a soft spot between R&B and Soul”. After receiving encouragement and guidance from his brother (and now) manager, Jamil, Jon Vinyl began making music at the young age of 15. Five years later, he released a segment of his talents to the world in the form of his debut single, “Nostalgia”.

Not only has the track instantly intrigued hundreds of thousands of fans across the world, it has also quickly gained support from industry heavyweights like OVO Sound and Jon’s former high school classmate, Shawn Mendes. Since then, Jon Vinyl’s penchant for writing lustrous R&B tracks has set in motion a frenzy of fans yearning for more from the artist.

Meet Tash — the Australian-born singer-songwriter whose popularity has skyrocketed from her acoustic covers & original tracks on both Instagram and streaming services respectively. To date, her songs have been collectively streamed over 4 million times.  She has carved out her own niche & following in the music industry with a variety of R&B tracks that have landed on numerous official Spotify playlists including New Music Friday and Chilled R&B just to name a couple. 

About the track: “Euphemism”

As luck would have it, Jon Vinyl and Tash have merged their talents together along with producer Mark J Feist, a multi-platinum producer/songwriter known for his work with Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, John Legend, & more, to release a single titled “Euphemism”.

“Euphemism” is a scintillating duet that seemingly describes the conflicting feelings often found in relationships. Tash’s extraordinarily smooth vocal delivery accentuates the perspective of a person who is over a significant other whereas Jon Vinyl’s expressive verse appears to come from the place of someone who’s still holding on. Thumping percussion and soulful guitar rhythms accompany both compelling vocalists.

The track marks an exciting collaboration between the two artists. Here’s what each promising act had to say about making “Euphemism” together:

Tash_-_Credit_Luis Tarin

Photo Credit: Luis Tarin


“Working with Jon Vinyl was a really cool experience, especially since he was an artist I had discovered a few months before we met. I loved his sound, in particular his song “Nostalgia”, which I added to a few of my playlists straight away. Then out of the blue a few weeks later, he reached out to me on Instagram, suggesting a collaboration. So then we arranged to work together and we created “Euphemism”. I’m so excited to share what we’ve worked on, I think we made something really special.” 


Photo Credit: WIL Studios

Jon Vinyl

“I came across Tash’s music via Instagram after stumbling on an acoustic video of hers. I was blown away by her voice and decided to reach out. Surprisingly, she was familiar with me and my music. We got to know each other a bit and of course, the idea of collaborating was organically brought up during the conversation. We decided to connect in LA with the purpose of creating something cool, Euphemism is the end result of that. Enjoy!”


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