“I Cry Too” provides three minutes and six seconds of pure clarity.

Meet Kaela Sinclair. While being the singer & keyboardist for the highly successful synth-pop band, M83, Kaela Sinclair has also been writing & releasing her own music since 2013. Kaela Sinclair’s latest release is the emotional and candid track, “I Cry Too”.

“I Cry Too” not only exhibits vulnerability through its lyricism but also through Kaela Sinclair’s great ability to create vivid imagery with music. Soft piano notes & striking drum patterns combined with her stunning vocal range make for a thought-provoking listen. In this fast-paced and complex world we live in, it can be difficult to process feelings and events. “I Cry Too” provides three minutes and six seconds of pure clarity; an opportunity for listeners to comprehend the way they’re feeling at any moment.

Kaela Sinclair explained the track’s meaning herself:

“For me, this song is about empathy and vulnerability, and how freeing it can be to have someone tell you that your pain is valid, shared, and understood.”

With a few consistent releases under her belt already, Kaela Sinclair is continuing to become a favourite. Her unique blend of classical sounds & modern ones are paving the way for an exciting and long-lasting career in the alternative pop genre.

Stream Kaela Sinclair’s “I Cry Too”.

Photo Credit: Exploredinary

Photo Credit: Exploredinary

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