A new artist named kjng recently came across my radar. The only information I knew about her was that she flipped the song “City of Stars“, taken from the award-winning film La La Land. I was familiar with the original version of the song but was unsure what to expect from a cover – especially from an artist I didn’t know the genre of.  Within 30 seconds of listening intently to the cover, I knew the song was a winner. For a new artist, the production was top notch and her vocals were intriguing. I was completely engulfed by her sound.

While the original version of “City of Stars” is easy-listening background music, kjng’s version is one that is front and center for listeners. kjng’s arrangement makes the track both comforting and unsettling at the same time. kjng’s stunning vocals contrasted with haunting chords and heavy bass grip listeners’ attention over and over again. The simplicity of the soundtrack version of “City of Stars” makes it easy to step away from, whereas kjng’s version is anthemic, making it difficult to escape.

City of Stars artwork by Toronto artist, KJNGIf kjng’s cover of “City of Stars” is any indication of what we can expect off her upcoming EP, it’s certain that Toronto has a new act to keep a close eye on.

The track was produced by Toronto-based songwriter, Mike Brandolino, whose vocals are also heard throughout the song. Among other projects, Brandolino is known for his work in Toronto-based indie pop band, Valley. kjng will be working with Brandolino to produce her new EP.

The track is available on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube.


PS. It’s pronounced “king”.

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