It’s very rare that a song will take you up into the clouds on a little adventure. Actually, that’s not rare, it never happens because songs don’t have wings ya know. ANYWAYS, Knox Hamilton released their debut EP today, How’s Your Mind. DIFFUSER premiered the title track from the EP yesterday. The song may not physically take you up into the clouds, but the band’s dream-pop sound will make for an atmospheric listening experience. The lyrics in “How’s Your Mind” reference not wanting to come back down and I don’t blame them, this tune will make you not want to either.

The EP, which was produced by Tim Pagnotta (Neon Trees, Walk The Moon) is already sounding promising as of listening to “How’s Your Mind”. If you’ve been following the band for over a year, you may be familiar with the song, “Work It Out”, which also appears on the release. If you’re a new listener (you’re welcome), now is better than ever to start jamming Knox Hamilton’s indie dream-pop tracks.

Stream “How’s Your Mind” below. The EP is now available for sale.

How’s Your Mind Track Listing

1. How’s Your Mind

2. Work it Out

3. Set It On Fire

4. Rightfully So

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