Lisbon "Vice" Artwork

Whitley Bay, England // Alt-pop band Lisbon released a brand new music video for their latest single, “Vice“. After finding out I’ve been sleeping on this track since its original release in January 2016 , I’m definitely kicking myself.

“Vice” gives off some major Pet Shop Boys vibes right from the start before ditching them to introduce the track’s hook. The track features a string of guitar notes that are heard repeatedly throughout the track. The combination of the groovy bass, 80s synths and drum machine samples, and harmonized vocals makes “Vice” dance worthy. The track’s lyrics, “What’s your vice?” will be stuck in your head – that is if you choose not to sing along to it all day.

I’m patiently waiting to hear more new material from these guys. According to their Twitter, more tunes are on the way:

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