Luxe For Fun is a soulful pop duo made up of two musicians from England named Zara and Alex — both of whom have extensive backgrounds in music. Zara is a 26-year-old Guildhall School of Music and Drama graduate from Bristol who gained her Jazz Masters in singing. Alex is a north-London sound artist and producer. Together, the singer and producer have spent the past year in and out of studios in London and Copenhagen refining and recording their 80s-infused pop music.  The first song that has seen the light of day is a tropical soul ballad titled “Motions”.

Luxe-For-Fun_Motions-artworkWithin the first few seconds of the track, “Motions” becomes a refreshing listen. The production is raw and emotional. Zara’s jazzy vocals begin to be heard over simple and subdued chords before entering an atmospheric era. Zara’s voice carries the track’s emotion whereas Alex’s suspending-in-space production creates a nostalgic mood for listeners. The track’s lyrics drip in the idea of longing for understanding as percussion interrupts with flashbacks to specific moments in time.

When asked about “Motions”, the duo’s vocalist, Zara, explained the motif found throughout the track.

“The song is about having an out-of-body experience, looking in at your life – as if being a spectator – and whilst watching yourself go through the motions of different situations, wondering if you’ve made the right decisions.”

 – Zara, Luxe For Fun

If “Motions” is a telling indication of the amount of musical chemistry that is between Zara and Alex, music curators, booking agents, and A&R professionals must start taking note. I anticipate Luxe For Fun is on their way to becoming a streaming sensation who will sell out their first tour —  when the time comes — within days.

Three more singles have been confirmed by the duo; the follow up track will be released in February.

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