A project born in a small bedroom in Australia, talented newcomer BENTLE released his first and only single “100X” at the tail end of 2018. With influences from Frank Ocean, James Blake, and Bon Iver, BENTLE has conjured up a chimera of a track — one that is almost too good to be real. “100X” is as if a planet were gently orbiting around a solar system of subconscious feelings. The complexity of uncanny pulsing synths and the comforting echos of BENTLE’s voice create a striking track that is one to be kept on frequent rotation.

When asked about the track, BENTLE had the following to say:

‘100X’ is an introspective screenshot of the realities of expectation, responsibility and the evolving nature of love. 100X explores the context of two people acknowledging the complexities of love and questioning the picture of love that society often provides to them.”

The soaring range found in BENTLE’s voice make it quite certain that he’s not going to be a newcomer for long.

Put simply, I think BENTLE will soon be one of Australia’s greatest musical exports. Ultimately, I anticipate it will be his EP, which is expected later this year, that will propel him to new heights. 

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