Move over, Childish Gambino. Make some room for GrandAce.

Meet GrandAce — the 20-year-old hip-hop artist named Jody Jones from Dayton, Ohio who dropped two EPs this year alone. Let that sink in, folks — it’s only February. 

After dabbling in features on other artists’ tracks and steadily releasing singles, Grandace came out swinging in 2018 with two EPs, titled “Colors in the Office” and “Feel Good”, both of which he solely wrote, produced, recorded, and engineered . His unique style of elevator-music beats combined with his well-enunciated flow has thrusted GrandAce onto our radar.

Grandace’s tracks are as honest as they get. Like many artists, his music is a form of self-expression. The difference is Grandace’s music shows vulnerability, weakness, strength, and perseverance — traits and feelings that are sometimes ignored in a genre that often boasts about achievements. Explaining his transition from a difficult point in time to one of determination, GrandAce opened up about why he released two EPs and how they were written.

“Last year was a really rough year for me, so I decided to channel my stress and efforts into two EP’s, [Colors in the Office] being the first one acting as documentation and the second one…[Feel Good]…which acted as musical “therapy” for me. [The first] EP took a good part of the year for me to feel comfortable with the songs that were on it, and the emotion behind the music has been heavily influenced by winter months.”

What I love most about GrandAce is his humble and purposeful attitude that is demonstrated both in his tracks and in his interactions. After explaining the EPs, GrandAce eloquently finished off with a telling statement about why he produces music.

“I know this music can bless someone out there.” – GrandAce

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Big things are coming for this artist.

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