Toronto should be proud to house the talent that is Makk Mikkael.

At just the humble age of 19, Makk Mikkael is already showing a promising future in music. Her tracks have landed her on official Spotify playlists alongside some of the most popular artists of today; but this is not an overnight success. Makk Mikkael has been writing and releasing music as early as age 14. Her ambition sent her out to Los Angeles where she lived with Kiesza, Jenna Andrews (Noah Cyrus) and Columbia Records’ executive, Ron Perry. Fast-forward to 2018, the Toronto artist is continuing to make an impact on listeners.

After the success of her debut single, “Jungle”, Makk Mikkael recently returned with a new r&b track, “How It Feels”. The dark-sounding track features Makk Mikkael’s emotion-filled vocals over top of crisp production. It’s a perfect song for driving down the highway late at night lost in your own thoughts.

Makk Mikkael shed some light on “How It Feels”:

“I wrote it during my time in LA while I was dealing with the dark side of a relationship,”

You can hear the uneasiness in Makk Mikkael’s voice as she sings about the uncertainty of a relationship. It’s the genuine emotion in the track that will hook listeners in. “How It Feels” builds upon Makk Mikkael’s sound that is relatable and reflects feelings that are often unspoken.

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People will continue to turn to artists to help them articulate the way that they feel and Makk Mikkael is one of these artists. Toronto should be proud to house the talent that is Makk Mikkael.

It’s not long before she will become one of the top names in the city’s highly regarded music scene.

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