With the growing trend of artists like Shawn Mendes, Johnny Orlando, and RUEL being signed to major labels at a young age and exploding in popularity, RUFUS appears to be next in line.

Meet RUFUS — the sixteen-year-old Malaysian songwriter and producer who is making a name for himself with his brilliant aura and heartfelt vocals. Adapting influence from Ed Sheeran, Lauv, and Alec Benjamin, RUFUS has swiftly caught the attention of artists, producers, and executives throughout the world. In fact, he’s the first Malaysian artist to sign a distribution deal with AWAL who is home to the likes of Lauv, Tom Misch, and Bruno Major.

But enough with the hype — RUFUS is the real deal. The self-taught guitarist and producer has already begun to build a loyal fanbase of which he interacts with on a daily basis. While some days his interactions consist of announcing his excitement about future plans, other days consist of RUFUS simply just asking how his fans are doing. At such a young age, RUFUS just seems to have a knack for using his authenticity to build and maintain a core group of fans who are willing to spread his music like wildfire.

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On his latest single, “Fine”,  RUFUS fuses calming guitar melodies with his relatable lyrics all while letting in some bright electronic vocal chops. The budding songwriter sings of issues we all previously or currently experience. His mature perspective demonstrates his leading songwriting capabilities. RUFUS’ music will resonate with fans of all ages — he’s simply ahead of his time.

When asked about the track, RUFUS explained:

“I was on a train back home messing with GarageBand on my iPhone, and I was really sad about a lot of things going on in my life; break-ups, bullies, my mental-health – and that’s when I came up with the melody and the hook for the song. It just came to me! I FaceTimed my co-writer (Daniel Ezra) that same night and I showed him what I wrote, and we finished the rest of the song all in one day. It’s crazy how my lowest point sparked something so incredible”

Despite his upsets, I suspect RUFUS will be on the up from now on. With his apparent clear focus & a strong team behind him, RUFUS is slated to be the youngest artist to watch this year.

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