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Where do we begin? Haven’t been this excited about a new duo in a long time.

Two songwriters from across the country began pouring their talents into writing music, eventually forming SLACK. The duo received accolades for their take on a Phoebe Bridgers track before recently releasing two of their own original songs — both of which have been highly anticipated by their growing fan base.

“television ‘99” is the perfect accompaniment for looking out a rain-covered window with its stripped down, lullaby-like feel — until the track suddenly hits a massive arena-filling synth outro of realization.

“twentyfour” takes a different approach with increasingly complex textures that are added from start to finish. You’ll likely hear something new each time you listen to this song over and over again.

The dynamic talent, attention to detail, and shapeshifting soundscapes make SLACK one of the most exciting artists to watch this year. They’re simply in their own tier of songwriting.

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