Following So You Think You Can Dance, Ellen, and the Teen Choice Awards, Tate McRae is ready for the world stage.

While early success isn’t always indicative of lifelong success, Tate McRae’s remarkable talents are making it seem more and more likely that she’s only just begun her long-lasting musical trajectory. By the age of 16, the artist and dancer has already captured the attention of millions of fans while securing a deal with RCA Records and Ministry of Sound. Tate McRae’s early years consisted of being taught dance by her mom while living and travelling across the world due to her father’s career; an experience she describes that opened up her creativity.

“I’m the kid with a huge imagination, so traveling just expanded my knowledge.” – Tate McRae

As a follow-up to her official debut single and dance choreography found in the track’s music video, Tate McRae has returned with the gritty pop anthem “all my friends are fake”. Featuring booming production and relatable lyrics, the track grounds itself in Tate McRae’s humble beginnings on YouTube with a minimalist bridge consisting of only chords and smooth vocals.

When describing the track, McRae explains:

“all my friends are fake. true or not, i wanted to see how far i could go in my writing. this one’s a little controversial, a little too real for most of us, and a song i never thought i’d be releasing. can’t believe it’s finally out.”

Following the release of the track, Tate McRae has announced a series of select intimate shows across North America, Europe, and the UK. If you anticipate she will be playing sold-out arenas soon like I do, you’ll likely want to see her perform in smaller venues like these ones in 2020.

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