“We made another album. This is different. This is JELLYFISH” reads the caption on a photo of the album artwork posted by WIINSTON on release day. Different, indeed, but spectacular on a whole other level. JELLYFISH is like watching a movie with your eyes closed and still vividly seeing every scene. The Denmark-based duo made up of Alfred Thomas and Daniel Wagtmann have managed to capture and showcase pieces of their own history into striking soundscapes.

running” is a stunning example. From its minimalist intro to its brilliant melancholic sounds added layer by layer, piece by piece, JELLYFISH’s opening track marks a game-changing milestone for the duo. The collection of songs on JELLYFISH are a departure from their upbeat r&b tracks. It’s just another step in differentiating themselves. However, being unique has always been their sound. They’ve always stood out to me; especially since I first heard their debut single back in 2017. WIINSTON embodies artistic freedom while letting fans experience life through their eyes.

positive” flashes back to the duo’s life moments. Opening lyrics, “been a year since 90210”, reference the point in 2018 when WIINSTON lived in California writing and recording. “hoodie” also references the duo’s luxurious living in Hollywood Hills. “The villa same size as Mac Culkins,” compares their living accommodations in Laurel Canyon in Los Angeles to the spacious home seen in the movie Home Alone starring Macaulay Culkin.

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But clever hooks aside, JELLYFISH will age incredibly well. It’s a visionary album ahead of its time blending singer-songwriter acoustic guitar melodies with raw, smooth vocals — all while still maintaining the genius-laden r&b sound that is WIINSTON. Listening to “august” and “kill” will make you feel like you’re sitting in the studio listening while the duo records vocals for the tracks with the stripped back approach.

But for the fans still hung up on the songs from WIINSTON’s 2018 release MIDNIGHT ROCKET, JELLYFISH still offers top-down percussion-driven tracks. “vogue”, “hoodie”, and “wylin” will instantly become fan-favourites and are the perfect introductory tracks to the new sound that is JELLYFISH.

WIINSTON has proved yet again that they’re unstoppable and capable of so much. Still having doubts? Watch the short film they also released to accompany the new album. It’s one of the most visually stunning short films we’ve seen this year.

Expect to see them on the world’s largest stages very soon. You heard it here first.

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