Their latest single, “Superficial Feeling” is the perfect dreamy indie track for Summer 2018

Meet Written Years: a Vancouver-based indie pop band who has put themselves in the spotlight with their sophomore single, “Superficial Feeling”.

The latest cuts from the band are a result of an unfortunate but fruitful series of events for the band’s frontman, Wade Ouellet. During the prolonged recording process of the band’s forthcoming release, Written Years’ Wade Ouellet lost his ability to speak for months. Working hard to regain his voice, he wrote new music in solitude before bringing the music to the rest of the band comprised of Alex Richardson, Brian Dyck, and Kane Enders. The first track to surface was “Lost In You Now” with the follow-up being the cinematic, golden-coloured indie anthem that is, “Superficial Feeling”.

“Superficial Feeling” is the perfect dreamy indie track for summer 2018. It’s modern, yet nostalgic; inviting an influx of feelings — an experience many of us seek in music discovery and listening. Each piano chord heard in the track’s intro acts as a step down a set of stairs into what seems to be a rabbit-hole full of surreal yet familiar memories.


According to the band’s vocalist and songwriter, Wade Ouellet,

“This song really feels like something special to me and the next step for Written Years. It’s a corrupt little 2 a.m. love song about finding yourself in this strange world. “

Put simply, “Superficial Feeling” is one of the most entrancing songs we’ve heard in a while with its wondrous ability to stay on repeat without thinking twice.

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