Modern Space and summer sounds on 'Before Sunrise': Album Review
9.3 A collection of the sounds of summer
Memorability 9.1

Before Sunrise
Track List – Modern Space

  1. Rule Brittania
  2. Pen To Paper
  3. Only A Dream
  4. Festival Express
  5. Last Time
  6. Carpet Diamonds
  7. Little Lies

The Press Release reviews Modern Space‘s label debutBefore Sunrise. 

Articles have been popping up all over the web within the past couple months about Canadian artists topping the charts. The focus of these articles seems to be on pop artists such as Justin Bieber, Drake, and The Weeknd. I’m the first to admit that I love all of those artists but I think there are definitely plenty of other Canadian artists of other genres that could also claim top spots on Billboard or Spotify. Modern Space is a prime example. The band combines indie rock with rock ’n’ roll while spritzing in a little bit of gospel feels (cc: “Festival Express”).

Modern Space released their label debut today titled, Before Sunrise. After listening to just the one single, “Pen To Paper”, I was completely blown away. I wanted to hear more. Before Sunrise is one of those albums that can be and should be listened to from start to finish in its entirety. There are no filler tracks, interludes, or anything of that nature. Before Sunrise is a collection of the sounds of summer – and a damn good one.

“Rule Brittania” is the type of song that will remind you of the last day of spring whereas “Pen To Paper” is the carefree attitude that comes with the first day of Summer. Being the second track off of the Before Sunrise album, it doesn’t beat around the bush in showing listeners what the band’s sound is truly about. With lyrical references to keeping busy on Saturday nights, there are no issues picturing a boys night out on the town. The distorted guitars mixed with the gain-heavy vocals demonstrate this song isn’t meant to be a lullaby. The potential for this song to be used in festival recap GoPro videos is extremely high. I have a difficult time listening to this song while sitting still.

Although Before Sunrise has a familiar sound present throughout each track, Modern Space demonstrates their ability to be versatile on each and every song. “Rule Brittania” shows the band in an indie-rock light while “Pen To Paper” and “Last Time” are much more rock ’n’ roll. That’s not to say the band doesn’t have a softer side to them – they most definitely do. The perfect use of reverb in “Festival Express” and “Little Lies” makes both tracks seem completely dream-like with their mellow overlay.

Regardless of what sound the band goes for on each track, Modern Space ends up writing catchy sing-a-longs and clap-friendly songs. Modern Space’s work on Before Sunrise provides proof that Canada has and will continue to produce chart-topping worthy songs that aren’t just of the pop genre. I expect that the release of Before Sunrise will continue to propel the band on tours all across the world.  But for now, I’ll be day-dreaming of hearing the band perform the whole Before Sunrise album from start to finish.

Listen to a track off of the album below and you too may anticipate such an experience.

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JANUARY 22 | THUNDER BAY, ON | Black Pirates Pub

JANUARY 23 | WINNIPEG | The Pyramid

JANUARY 24 | SASKATOON| Capitol Music Club

JANUARY 27 | REGINA | The Exchange

JANUARY 28/29 | CALGARY | Flames Centreal (With Arkells)

JANUARY 30 | EDMONTON | Shaw Conference Centre (With Arkells)

FEBRUARY 1/2 | VANCOUVER | Commodore (With Arkells)


FEBRUARY 5 | KELOWNA, BC | Doc Willoughby’s

FEBRUARY 6 | KAMLOOPS, BC | Dirty Jersey

FEBRUARY 8 | GOLDEN, BC | The Rockwater

FEBRUARY 10 | CALGARY | Broken City

FEBRUARY 11 | RED DEER, AB | International Beer Haus


FEBRUARY 15 | WINNIPEG | The Pyramid