Friday May 19 2017


I woke up and rolled over to check my phone like many people do every morning. My Friday morning half asleep phone routine is different from other days though. I’m on a mission to find the gems among the vast amount of New Music Friday releases.

Then it hit me. An indie rock band from Burlington, ON, Mount Farewell, had released their debut EP Love Letter Home. Without exaggerating, I was five seconds into the first track off the EP and I was hooked. By 7:20am, I had a preliminary opinion about the release: “Do not sleep on this album. Cinematic, heartfelt, and evidently filled w/ passion.” But I knew there was still a lot to learn about Mount Farewell and their debut EP. 

Mount Farewell BandI became enthralled by Mount Farewell’s sound the more I listened to Love Letter Home. It’s the equivalent of that book you can’t put down; the one you’ll read over and over again. It’s similar to that movie you’ll pause if you have to step away for even just a moment. It’s the album you genuinely won’t want to miss a second of because you know if you do, you will miss a piece of the story.

The opening track, “Town”, is a bold introduction to Mount Farewell’s established sound. Mount Farewell blends sounds akin to the scores of science fiction films with their unique take on the indie rock genre. Jazzy guitar melodies act as undertones to the smoothness of vocalist Noah Thrall’s heartfelt lyrics. Where “Town” is an upbeat singalong ripe for the picking of indie playlist curators to add to their fresh finds, “Run Us Down” is a slower emotional track perfect for self reflection.

“Like It That Way” is the type of track you may play when you’re given the aux cord and your friends will ask, “what song is this?”. This bass-driven track is groovy and straight up catchy. “Like It That Way” reinforces the EP’s superb production which was done by the band themselves. Every element can be heard individually but still blends beautifully together to create the sound that is Mount Farewell.

The final track off the EP, “Lovin’”, has that “it” factor. It’s the song that Mount Farewell will play as their encore at sold-out shows for years to come. It has that hook you won’t be able to get out of your head; you’ll have memorized the lyrics after only hearing the song once.

What makes Mount Farewell a new favourite is that their bright future ahead in the music industry is founded upon modesty. After being lucky enough to attend the band’s EP release show, I quickly realized how humble each band member is both on and off the stage. They’re going to be the next biggest thing and they may not even know it yet.

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