The city’s on fire, the city’s on fire

After patiently and carefully producing new music, Toronto’s indie pop band Mount Farewell has once again pushed the envelope further with their latest single “Guelph Line”. The track is the first single we’ve heard since their 2017 album, Love Letter Home. Although, if you’ve been lucky enough to catch the band live, the single may sound familiar from the setlist.

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Right out of the gate, “Guelph Line” beams with twinkling synth notes that are carefully layered within the band’s signature production. The electronic textures combined with the steady guitar notes are instantly memorable; you’ll be humming along by the time the first chorus is heard. Consistent with every track the band has released to date, bassist Brady Anderson and drummer Adam Thurston fascinate listeners on “Guelph Line” with a steady sense of groove. Vocalist and guitarist Noah Thrall along with guitarist Nathan Day have continued to work cohesively to create impressive leads that today’s biggest acts could only dream of writing.

Just wait until you hear the massive, arena-filling guitar solo. Mount Farewell is the band to keep an eye on. 

Guelph Line by Mount Farewell


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