After a short hiatus here at The Press Release, I began listening intently to new & emerging artists in search of the one that would spark my first post of 2019. That’s when I came across Winnipeg, Manitoba’s Olivia Lunny and instantly knew she was the singer-songwriter to watch in 2019.

Her self-titled debut EP that was released in early 2018 consists of three tracks; each offering gentle melodies that build into delightful choruses. Olivia Lunny has mastered the craft of original songwriting by combining emotional chord progressions with her incredible vocal range. The ambience in her recordings also create a vast space for listeners to carefully listen to each and every word sung. The selective use of percussion driving each track places listeners at the forefront of her sound presenting them with an irresistible urge to tap, dance, and sing along to her delicate stories.

Following an exciting 2018 filled with releasing music, receiving a Western Canadian Music Award nomination for Pop Artist of the Year, and winning over crowds with her stunning live performances, Olivia Lunny is already gearing up for an announcement that will set the stage for her bright future in 2019.

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