Each Isla Den track glistens with a sense of curiosity and beauty; “Sunless” is no different.

Meet Isla Den — a dreamy duo we’re over the moon about. Over the past month, the Toronto-based newcomer act comprised of Ellie Manning and Michael Reale have been slowly unleashing their precious sound and stunning visuals to the world.

Today, we’re thrilled to premiere the third single, “Sunless”, off of their upcoming elegant EP, Water Signs, due out April 4. To accompany it, the duo, both OCAD students, have shared captivating visuals which they shot, edited, and produced themselves.

Each Isla Den track glistens with a sense of curiosity and beauty; “Sunless” is no different. The track opens with bright synths, rolling hi-hat notes, and a pleasant chord progression before introducing Ellie Manning’s graceful vocals. The track’s ambience combined with echoing vocals create a wide sense of space that very few artists manage to create solely through sound.

“Sunless” is the perfect merge between calming electronic music and catchy pop melodies that will leave you humming along for hours.

Their debut EP, Water Signs, is the first of the three EPs that will be released this year. Water Signs was recorded across space and time. Over the course of a year, the EP was recorded in their Toronto bedroom studio, at the Banff Centre in Alberta during a residency, and at Tiny Telephone studio in Oakland, CA with Beau Sorenson (Death Cab for Cutie) who helped engineer, co-produce and mix the album. On the process of working with Beau Sorenson, the duo explained their excitement after growing up listening to Death Cab for Cutie records. The collaboration with Sorenson allowed Isla Den to incorporate analog synthesizers and other experimental processes into the duo’s songwriting. The result of this collaborative approach is a remarkable debut.

The EP release will be accompanied by a risograph zine featuring illustrations & lyrics along with a VHS containing a full 18 minute video to compliment the music.

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Prepare for lift off. Isla Den - Toronto

Photo by Matthew Lee

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