“There’s Nothing New Under The Sun” may be MJ Bodson’s best offering yet.

20-year-old French singer-songwriter, producer, and engineer MJ Bodson has returned with a booming bedroom pop meets stripped back indie track, “There’s Nothing New Under The Sun”. Known for her minimalist approach to songwriting, London-based MJ Bodson has been carving out a path for herself since the release of her debut single “Oceans” back in 2018. Despite showing variation in her talents, MJ Bodson has continued to grow her fanbase with her consistently keen attention to detail along with her gift of writing both memorable melodies and lyrics. 

The track is charming from the start with its distant notes of nostalgia that are woven throughout. The combination of indie pop percussion and MJ Bodson’s flawless vocal runs make “There’s Nothing New Under The Sun” instantly repeat-worthy. In fact, you’ll find yourself humming along to the chorus — even the first time around — MJ Bodson is just that talented. Grounded in impressive songwriting structure, the track certainly makes a statement that MJ Bodson is here to stay. She’s proven time and time again with singles like “Northern Lights” and “Broken Kid” that all she wants to do is write meaningful music. I’d say she’s done just that, yet again.

About the Track

Read the meaning behind this wondrous track as described by MJ Bodson herself:

“’There’s Nothing New Under the Sun’ came together very naturally. I was home for the holidays and was playing this chord progression I had found recently. I didn’t think much, I just turned my laptop on and started recording right away. The main idea was laid out in about an hour.

Lyrically, the song was heavily inspired by a book of the Bible, Ecclesiastes. The title itself is a quote of it. In the book, the author’s (believed to be Solomon) message is that nothing is new, all things stay the same no matter what and there is no way to innovate. I wanted to use the book in my attempt to describe the feeling of weariness one may feel, how one sometimes feel like what they do is pointless as ‘nothing is new under the sun’, and how we humans are all doing the same thing: living our lives and working without a clear objective.

I liked making a not-necessarily-religious song using a religious scripture, and I feel that this topic needs to be addressed more. I think we need to find ‘beauty in the things [we] don’t understand.” – MJ Bodson

STREAM “There’s Nothing New Under The Sun” on all major streaming platforms beginning July 19, 2019. 

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