Maggie Rogers - Press Photo 2019

Photo Credit: Olivia Bee

Following the exciting whirlwind that has propelled Maggie Rogers into the spotlight, the Maryland-born artist is gearing up to release her highly anticipated debut album, Heard It In A Past Life on January 18th — but not without sharing all the feelings experienced along the way.

Heard It In A Past Life explores the themes of growth, love, and uncertainty both individually as well as how they have all been intertwined since her popularity has skyrocketed. Full of originality, Maggie Rogers’ debut is seemingly arranged as a chronology. Heard It In A Past Life provides a glimpse into what growth as both a person and an artist has caused Rogers to experience since the success found in her 2016 single, “Alaska”. Tracks early into the record like “Light On” and “Past Life” show her working through feelings of doubt whereas the latter half of the record shows signs of both hope and self-made confidence. “Burning” and “Back In My Body” both make it clear that she’s ready to embark on the next chapter of success.

Lyrically, the record is full of vulnerability. Musically, Heard It In A Past Life is infused with originality. In fact, some musical elements heard throughout the album may very well be a subtle nod to the humble beginnings of writing & recording music both in her Brooklyn apartment and university classes. From folky verses, to pop choruses, to straight up r&b tracks; the eclectic mix of sounds are like no other.

Maggie Rogers debut injects a well-needed breath of fresh air into the airwaves. From the energetic title track to the closing ballad, Heard It In A Past Life marks a monumental step in Maggie Rogers’ career as a timeless voice and artist in the world of music.

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