Silk Cinema’s new track will make you feel limitless.

Disappear” is the latest track from London’s next biggest export, Silk Cinema, made up of Kristy X (vocals) and Raph A (music). The South London duo dropped this smooth track today and it’s just as dreamy as the last. “Disappear” flaunts Silk Cinema’s ability to write songs that are solid and consistent.

New artists finding their sound may release songs back-to-back that sound very different – this is not the case with Silk Cinema. Within seconds of hearing “Disappear”, Silk Cinema’s sound is undeniably recognizable after becoming familiar with their last track, “Say You’ll Love Me”. Raph’s minimalist production once again contains smooth chord progressions overtop of whimsical undertones. These chords are softened throughout to allow Kristy’s powerful but polished vocals to take the song’s meaning to another level.

Silk Cinema described the new track themselves:

“It’s about losing yourself in something, music, love, drugs. Possibly irresponsibly!”

In fact, “Disappear” sounds like it was written in another dimension with its dreamlike qualities. The lyrics encourage losing yourself and embracing uncertainty.

“Disappear” chorus lyrics:

“Together in the night we’re climbing the rainbow.
Our colours taking flight. They’ll go where we go.
Soaring through the sky, can’t you feel the sensation?
We’re living for tonight.”

Stream and download “Disappear” here.

As if it couldn’t get even better, Silk Cinema also released an official remix of the track by the duo’s own, Raph A.

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