Meet London’s next biggest export

Say You’ll Love Me” is the second track released by Silk Cinema, a soulful duo from South London whom the world knows very little about. The track was quietly uploaded to the internet late last month to their social media pages with few followers but that’s about to change. 

“Say You’ll Love Me” is mysteriously inviting with its combination of 80s synths and delicate percussion that will propel any listener into a free floating vortex. The track’s velvet-like vocals are paired perfectly with flawless production that can hold its own against today’s pop hits. When I inquired about the track, Silk Cinema explained, “We sometimes describe our sound as something like Sade in Space. We like our music to be sophisticated but simple at the same time.”

The duo hinted that more new music is coming very soon. Silk Cinema consists of Kristy X (vocals) and Raph A (music). Stream and download the track here

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