Stockholm-based artists & producers C. Gold and Naah have joined forces to write and release three upcoming singles and two EPs. The first single from the upcoming project is a track called “<3 to break” which has been released via their new independent label, Be Kind Records.

A fitting release for Valentine’s Day, “<3 to break” marks a winning track for each of the writers — yet another acknowledgement that Swedish songwriters are leaders in the pop genre. Despite the sobering topic of heartbreak, “<3 to break” ends up presenting itself as an upbeat pop anthem. Naah’s pensive vocals combined with energetic instrumentals make it instantly memorable. With thumping percussion that resembles a marching band and an obsessively catchy hook, the dynamic track is likely to land itself on official playlists across the world and, in turn, music fans’  “on-repeat” queue of songs.

When describing the track, C. Gold explained,

“It’s a really special song for both me and Naah, I think it’s probably one of the most honest songs we’ve ever written.”

“<3 to break” creates a great amount of both excitement and anticipation for the duo’s upcoming releases. Surely the follow-up tracks will be just as influential if not more.

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