At the rapid pace of which music is released, it can be difficult to sort through, listen to, and reflect on sounds heard. Some tracks have repeat value while others get listened to only once but have the ability to make you ‘feel’.

We’ve partnered with England’s highly regarded music discovery publication DiscoverNü to highlight some of the top songs we’ve heard this year. The list is by no means exhaustive but it’s been curated in hopes that you’ll discover and possibly even enjoy a song or two.

2018 has been an exciting year for music. Let’s see what the next half of the year brings.

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“LOST MY MIND” – Elley Duhé – DiscoverNü

Elley Duhé


Elley Duhé bares her soul on the excellent “LOST MY MIND” — it’s an encouraging song by an extremely talented emerging singer-songwriter. She made our list of artists to look out for (hyperlink) this year and she’s having a great year so far. If your spirits are low, this song has all the right ingredients to raise it.

“Reason” – Hablot Brown – The Press Release

hablot brown

Smooth in its entirety; is that enough of a reason to include it on this list? “Reason” is the first track off of Hablot Brown’s surprise EP. The track’s smooth and groovy tempo is a subtle reminder to slow down in what has been a fast-moving year in music. This is an act to keep on your radar at all times.


“Friendly Fire” – BLÜ EYES – DiscoverNü

Blü Eyes


BLÜ EYES’ debut single “Friendly Fire” took us by surprise, it’s one hell of a song sang with so much passion. Everything from the vocals to the production is consistent throughout and it deserves to be on this list.

“Soul Searcher” – Jazz Cartier – The Press Release


Being the intro track for Jazz Cartier’s label debut album, “Soulsearcher” sets the stage perfectly for an album full of themes of ambivalence, success, and priorities. This July release further reinforces that Toronto has plenty to offer when it comes to rap; including a “Prince of the City”.

“Selfish” – SAINt JHN – DiscoverNü


The Brooklyn native pours his heart out on one of the most outstanding releases this year. “Selfish” is an emotionally-driven pop/urban anthem off his debut album Collection One. Although the song has melancholic undertones throughout, the production gives it this triumphant-feel that we all need when we’re feeling alone or missing someone we care about.

“Motion” – Emotional Oranges – The Press Release

emotional oranges

2018 has been an especially strong year for new artists; Emotional Oranges is one of them. “Motion” is the first track released by the mysterious LA-based male-female duo. The track brings 80s groove to modern day r&b demonstrating a promising future for pop music.

“Fresh Roses” – Juke Ross – DiscoverNü

Juke Ross

The Guyanese singer-songwriter’s single immediately connected with us. The song is quite simple but overall very effective as his vocals instantly win you over. It’s a song with a universal appeal and one that will be remembered for many years if it attains commercial success.

“Not Enough” – Jordan Solomon – The Press Release


Named one of our Most Promising Artists for 2018, Jordan Solomon has had a whirlwind of a year thus far with the most recent highlight being an upcoming appearance at one of Canada’s largest festivals. “Not Enough” continues to show Jordan Solomon’s honest persona along with the undeniable musical chemistry between himself and producer Phantum.





“Soul Syncable” – Sevdaliza – DiscoverNü


Iranian-Dutch artist Sevdaliza is secretly a force to be reckoned with, “Soul Syncable” is a captivating dark pop track with an alluring trip-hop beat and string arrangements that the legendary composer Hans Zimmer would be proud of.

“High Five” – Sigrid – The Press Release


“High Five” is one of the latest pop anthems from the Norwegian pop artist, Sigrid. With first-class production and hooks, “High Five” is one of those songs we haven’t been able to get out of head since we first heard it.  Sigrid is no longer an emerging artist but the latest pop star setting the bar extremely high for the music industry.

“Sugarcoat” – Jaira Burns – DiscoverNü

Jaira Burns

This song is full of attitude, it’s a big finger-in-the-middle type of banger with a lot of replay value. Jaira Burns isn’t your average emerging pop star who sings sweet pop songs, she sings whatever she wants and she’s really good at doing that too. What’s also impressive about this song is how consistent Jaira’s vocals are over the powerful production that many pop singers would struggle with.


“Younger” – RUEL – The Press Release


15-year-old crooner RUEL released this absolute gem of a song on his debut album, Ready. “Younger” puts a ‘check’ beside the Australian artist’s name in the box labeled “destined for stardom”.

“100 Degrees” — Octavian x Sam Wise – DiscoverNü


French-born London based artist Octavian started the year with a bang when he dropped “100 Degrees” featuring House of Pharaohs rapper Sam Wise. The song is much darker than his previous release (that opened many doors for him) “Party Here”. With his smooth melodic delivery and a memorable hook over a menacing production, “100 Degrees” is one of the best Hip-Hop releases this year.


“You & Jennifer” – Bülow – The Press Release


Labeled Most Promising Pop Artist of 2018, Bülow’s “You & Jennifer” shows versatility in her sound. “You & Jennifer” strikes the perfect balance between a ballad with brutally honest lyrics and a solid pop song with smooth, catchy vocal melodies.

“Cash Out” – Jordan Hollywood – DiscoverNü

Jordan Hollywood

“Cash Out” is a certified banger with a lot of replay value by one of the most underrated Hip-Hop/R&B artist around today. Play this track out loud in your car whilst you drive past those people who overlooked you. Heat.

“Stay” – The Aces – The Press Release


The Aces’ “Stay” has the repeat-factor of no other song heard this year. From start to finish, this indie pop song will have you humming the melody for days on end.

“No Good” – Always Never – DiscoverNü

always never

The Toronto based duo have had a great year releasing great singles such as “Millions”, “Morgan Freeman” and the current single “Dangerous”. But “No Good” has been their best release so far — it’s a little faster, it’s a little bit more catchier and it has this weirdly good MJ vibe to it. We’re absolutely here for it.

“1950” – King Princess – The Press Release

king princess

Along with an EP full of stellar tracks, “1950” makes our list of top songs of 2018 as it was the first track released by King Princess; a shoegaze-meets-pop anthem for both young and old souls.

“Running Underwater” – Harper – DiscoverNü


Harper is probably the most underrated emerging pop artist in the UK. She’s been dropping nothing but gems in recent years. “Running Underwater” is another excellent release with a  universal appeal.





“Spend Some Time” (ft. Leikeli47) – Moss Kena – The Press Release

moss kena

Moss Kena is one of the most unique voices in today’s music; to the point that he shocked listeners with his identity when he revealed a photo of himself. “Spend Some Time” showcases Moss Kena’s incredible range and potential to be the voice of an era.

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