Emily Rose, "Be Mine" Artwork

As music lovers know, the streaming era continues to inundate listeners with new songs — many of which sound so similar. Some artists appear to be writing what may get picked up on a viral chart when in fact they should be doing quite the opposite. Some may suggest that they should be writing something new, innovative, (subjectively) different.

Toronto newcomer EMILY ROSE seems to be one of the few who understands the method to the madness. Back in November 2018, her debut single “Sunday” surfaced online gleaming with novelty. Fast forward a few months and EMILY ROSE has shown yet again that she refuses to write cookie-cutter pop. Her latest release “Be Mine” brings back the vibrant sounds found in ‘90s R&B and beautifully fuses them together with lyrics of new-fashioned romance. The track bounces with late night energy, while alternating between EMILY ROSE’s effusive vocals and male vocalist Keen Collard’s.

When asked about the meaning behind the track, the 21-year-old artist explained:

“I think it’s ultimately about tension and how sometimes we punish or get angry at the ones we love the most. Also, just the game of being young and having a crush and not really knowing how to handle the whole playing hard to get thing.”

With two strong & strikingly different singles under her belt, EMILY ROSE is shaping up to be one to watch. Like her influences Billie Eilish, Charlotte Day Wilson, and Frank Ocean, EMILY ROSE appears to recognize the value in experimenting with a variety of sounds. I predict it’s surely going to pay off while launching her career — especially very soon.

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