Feels Like Color is an album full of subtle textures and not-so-subtle melodies that make you stop & think: how could this possibly be the band’s first album?

After writing music together for nearly three years, tri patterns officially formed at the beginning of 2017. In just a year’s time, the Indianapolis-based indie pop band has quickly begun to gain attention from playing live shows, being featured on playlists by indie music connoisseurs, and most recently, unleashing their melodic debut EP, Feels Like Color.


Feels Like Color is an album full of subtle textures and not-so-subtle melodies that make you stop & think: how could this possibly be a debut album?

Only seconds into the first track, “Shadows”, listeners are greeted with the soundscape of a utopia. Calming synths and bird-like vocal effects lay beneath a simple but dance-worthy drumbeat and provide a strong opening for the track. What I instantly noticed about tri pattern’s fresh approach to the indie genre is their severe attention to detail and dedication to introducing new elements throughout each track. In other words, listeners will always be kept on their toes. Just wait for that bridge section in “Shadows”.

The melodic instrumentals combined with the band’s inspiring vocals create a powerful listen. Tracks like “Blue” and “Simpler Times” will rid listeners of any woes with their uplifting abilities. Specifically, “Simpler Times”, the longest track on the EP, builds up into an arena-filling wall of sound that you can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief once it’s done. It’s like entering a different dimension.

Feels Like Color gracefully finishes off with the tracks “Let’s Go” and “What To Be” — both offering something different. “Let’s Go” is a windows-down-volume-up sort of track that’s perfect for summer drives whereas “What To Be” is more fitting for a road trip down memory lane.

Despite tri patterns being so early into their career, Feels Like Color confirms the band is determined to make their mark on the music industry with consistent anthems like those found on the EP.

Feels Like Color was recorded at The Silent Planet Studio in Nashville, TN with J. Brandon Owens alongside Nathan Johnson. The final mastering touches were done by Joe Hutchinson.

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tri patterns is:

Logan Morrison – Drums

Nathan Davis – Guitar/Vocals

Dawson Freeman – Guitar/Vocals