Somewhere I go often; an ambiguous, yet curiously inviting phrase. It’s also the title of Michigan-based band The True Blue’s latest alluring EP. The title of the EP captures the overall mystique found throughout the album.

The opening track, “Freak Me Out”, tackles the antinomy between happiness and depression in the form of a narrative while the track builds itself up around the idea of hope. The follow up track “Primary Colors” points to the theme of utter vulnerability; subtle percussion and synth notes dance around vocalist Christian Koo’s powerful yet delicate voice.

Although Somewhere I Go Often shows a softer direction for The True Blue compared to the upbeat sounds found on their 2017 release, the EP is still entirely true to the band’s sound & talents. Every sound, texture, and all of the grainy noise found throughout the record including those found on the title track “Somewhere I Go Often” indicate a meticulous attention to detail. So much so that every transition from one song to the next are as smooth as turning the page in new novel. This album is one you can’t help but continue listening to in order to learn the full story.

Somewhere I Go Often, Artwork

Somewhere I Go Often tells seemingly lived experiences in a perfectly coherent order; “Got In Mind” being a peak moment in the story. “Addicted” slightly picks up the album’s pace as racing thoughts and questions are posed throughout a reverberated landscape. The album’s final track “95” summarizes the ups-and-downs heard throughout the record. Sounds of a car engine revving open the track pointing to a departure; a subtle yet fitting way to end the record.

The album navigates through the theme of hope; each track contributes to the dichotomy of emotions felt throughout before finally seemingly reaching a point of peace. Within one listen of the album, you will realize just how much potential The True Blue has if they continue on this course of complete honest songwriting.

“Wherever you are
And wherever you’re going
I hope I pass you along the way”

The final lyrics found on the track, “95”, taken from Somewhere I Go Often

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