LISTEN to MAYBE – Side B. 

Known for their sonically vibrant tracks, indie pop band VALLEY has let out the slack on the second instalment of their album MAYBE – Side B — the latest collection of songs ripe for the picking for late night, sunroof open playlists.

MAYBE Side B features “A Phone Call In Amsterdam” and “Park Bench”; two tracks that became fan-favourites while the band played to new, sold-out crowds each night while on tour with Lennon Stella earlier this year. But for the fans who simply couldn’t get enough, MAYBE Side B fortunately has deep cuts that will instantly give listeners goosebumps.

Boys And Girls Of 2018 And Everything In Between” is a prime example. The song opens with a beautiful piano melody, rich in history. Although it would have been much easier to use a virtual piano, the audio heard on the track comes from a piano that the band found on the side of the road, lugged back to their home studio, and performed handy work on to fit into the space. Not to mention, the piano couldn’t be tuned to the standard of A440. The solution? The pitch of the piano was corrected after the track was recorded.


Now, you may be wondering what does all of that have to do with the album? It provides a glimpse of insight into where the character & charm of the record come from. This isn’t a cookie-cutter record by any means. 

Sports Car” sounds like hitting play on an old VHS tape and taking a trip down memory lane. “Nowhere Fast” acknowledges the complexities and uncertainties that come with growing up; revisiting the overarching theme of the word ‘maybe’. 

“Watery Brain” quite literally acts as a time capsule for the VALLEY discography. The track echoes sounds and lyrics from previously released songs including “Swim”, “Maybe”, and “Push For Yellow (Shelter)”.

The intro of “Watery Brain” repeats a sound previously heard at the end of their viral single “Swim” and in the title track off of MAYBE Side A.  Furthermore, about halfway through the song, lyrics first heard in “Push For Yellow (Shelter)” are sung. In the same song, a similar drumbeat heard on MAYBE Side A is repeated on “Watery Brain”. In fact, if you listen carefully, you might recognize that the outro of MAYBE Side B is intentionally similar to the intro of MAYBE Side A. It’s like hitting rewind on the band’s discography and falling in love with the songs all over again.

Elaborating on Maybe Side B, the band explained how Side A and B are connected in a press release:

“Side A and Side B are connected by a hidden transition track called “YOU ARE HERE” that fades out of ‘Push for Yellow’ and fades into “A Phone Call in Amsterdam”. Not only do themes intertwine between the sides, but melodies, lyrics and musical concepts also cross over. Side B is an album that provokes thought and existentialism.” – VALLEY

These clever ‘Easter eggs’ scattered throughout MAYBE – Side B appear to be a nod of appreciation for VALLEY’s everlasting and growing fan base who listen to older songs as if they were just released yesterday. 

Listen to MAYBE Side B closely. You might just catch more references to other songs than listed here.

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