After receiving praise from music blogs, a spot on iTunes New Artist section, and a feature on Spotify’s Viral 50 playlist for their single, “Swim”, Valley will release their second EP – This Room Is White – on June 3, 2016.

The EP’s opening track affirms the band as being more mature, developed, and eager to make an impact on listeners through their art form. The less than a minute introduction track contains ambience, heavily reverbed hums, and shimmering cymbals. All elements make for a cinematic and highly anticipated listening experience. It’s similar to being in a theatre when the lights dim and you’re ready to be engulfed by a good movie for the evening.

The difference here is that This Room Is White immerses its audience in audio alone. Through strong musicianship and dedication to each band member’s respective instrument, Valley is able to captivate listeners solely through sound while also projecting imagery through lyrics. Stories of heartbreak, perseverance, and realizations are told with great clarity making the EP honest and relatable.

“She’s got a heart for the ones who just drive her around and only waits for the car when you get into town. Sink till you swim and your money is gone. You need a change, change, change”- lyrics taken from “You”

The EP encapsulates the band’s now well-defined sound while still leaving room for variety. The song “Swim” is more indie pop whereas tracks like “Armour” and “Slacks” take more influence from the folk genre. The alternating lead vocals between Rob Laska, Michael Brandolino, and Karah McGillivray also create an unpredictable variable which will continue to surprise listeners each verse and chorus.

This Room Is White is full of catchy choruses without being cliché. Tracks like “Soldier” and “Say” encourage the sing-along vibe fans long for in a live environment. It’s that moment when the venue is completely quiet and all that can be heard is the sounds of the crowd chanting the words to a song’s chorus. Valley has made it very clear they’re no novice in the music scene with this powerful songwriting. This Room Is White consistently presents moments of emotionally driven goosebumps that will instantly make any indie rock fan a devoted Valley listener.

The band will be performing at their EP release show on June 12, 2016 at the Mod Club in Toronto, ON. Pre-order packages are available for purchase on their website which include a physical copy of the album or a physical copy of the album along with a ticket to the release show.

Otherwise, follow the band on social media for updates and of course, more music.

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