WYNNE’s debut track “Distraction” is just a taste of what’s to come from his forthcoming EP, “Both Sides” due out later this year.

WYNNE_Distraction_artworkSince cowriting tracks with artists like Two Door Cinema Club, Parson James, and Jordan Fisher, British songwriter and producer Rory Andrew has been building a following of his own under the moniker WYNNE. WYNNE most recently lent his voice on ODESZA’s latest album A Moment Apart on the track “Line of Sight”.

The now LA-based artist released his debut single “Distraction” in September and has already gained over 200,000 streams. The track’s minimal production allows WYNNE’s polished and celestial voice to shine through. WYNNE has created depth within “Distraction” that only a skilled and well versed songwriter could accomplish. Subdued chord progressions lay beneath WYNNE’s compelling vocals to tell a story of uncertainty and curiosity.

“[Distraction is] about asking someone what you mean to them – knowing full well what they mean to you. I wanted to make the production reflect that feeling, which I tried to keep as subtle and muted as possible.” – WYNNE

Ever since we heard this track, WYNNE has become one of our new favourite artists. With a stunning debut single like “Distraction”, it is certain WYNNE is going to continue to be a highly sought after name and voice in music. 

You can stream “Distraction” on Spotify and Apple Music.

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